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Privacy Policy

We use the app creation for getting your email address on user if needing using app login.

We get your data of random id on ncmb is can't share, becouse it is only random id.

We keep the low of privacy policy that is most valuable rule of social work.

We must not talk and send to message or letters of adress, name, email adress, phone number, and Jobs and more that is most importnt matters in our works.

We can keep the secrets of any problem for face to face to issues as doing at our works moving.

We must see the any gest of shop on data for sending bought matterial as gotten it in your haouse or room.

Please kept the rule of buying or payment issue for gotten matterial to send and get.

For buying is choice at item on cart of shop so write and send your name and adress, and email adress and more.

And we get it to send items for reach your place.

We never fail to kept secretaly mesage as any another sees.

You may the reach our item as bought on shop at payment issues that you can cancel on from it times to 8days past.

You may reverse the payment issues as no good from a first time to cancel it.

But If you break it your self, we can forgive it as canceling to notice.

And If you are bad gest and black listed gest too.

Base we can send the items for Japan only

Because if our items is on air carry or ship carry, It is easy loose.

And we can be forgiven any problem from root of you to usefullness and bought.